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  • Common Matters Needing Attention
  • Time: 2015/11/23    View: 14497
  • Common matters needing attention

    Keep out of reach of children
    Keep dust-proof
    Hardness of screws used in assembly products would generally be greater than that of main part of products. The strength should be equal when installing, and do not use excessive force to cause damage to the product.
    If the specification is included in products, please carefully read the matters needing attention on the specification.

    About packaging

    We use paper, PPT, PP, plastic for packaging. No matter what kind of material, we always hold strict requirements to our suppliers. We require suppliers to provide environmental-friendly materials, and try to require suppliers to care for the environment. We use recyclable external package, hoping to make some help in order to save energy and protect the environment.

    Packaging and plastic hard case of PPT materials would be brittle in subzero temperatures. Please notify delivery person that the product is fragile and should be handled with care when posted in low temperature or during transportation.


    About electroplating

    About gold plating
    We use the same gold plating technology of jewelry for our products. We use materials of 18K-24K gold, but the conductor substrate contains copper and silver. If the surface layer is wearing, there will be oxidation and darkening when the product is placed in long time or affected with damp. Please keep dry, and clean regularly or deoxidizing.