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  • Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Frequently Asked Questions 

    Questions of website in use

    Website components

    The website is composed of Homepage, Products, News, Product Reviews, Agents, Contact Us, Register/Log in, Product Posters, FAQ, Comments, Technical Support and other pages, and mobile page may be created in future. If you have better suggestions, please write to us or leave a massage.

    Comments and Feedback

    If you want to communicate with us on the website directly, please register as a user.
    Only registered users could leave a massage to us directly on the pages of Contact Us, Comments and Suggestions, and Support. 
    Of course, you can also write email to us directly. We will always check e-mail and online messages, and respond to you generally in three days. We apologize if we did not reply in time or fail to meet your requirements.

    Registration Problem
    If you have problems when you register, or always register unsuccessfully, please also write to us. We will check server or web application as soon as possible to solve your problem.

    View and Speed
    The Website is globally oriented. Please understand that the view speed may not be fast enough in some regions due to network speed differences. You can write to us, and we will introduce our products according to your requirements or arrange related technical support departments to give product or service information in which you are interested to you.